Project in brief

Oxford HR is a global leadership consultancy, dedicated to searching for and supporting remarkable leaders and teams in purpose-led organisations. With offices in Oxford UK, Amsterdam, Nairobi and Singapore and with Washington opening later in 2023, they have a truly global offering with expert knowledge of local contexts, to be able to support purpose-led organisations. For the third year in a row, OXygen was asked to create the annual report for Oxford HR to capture all their activities, challenges and ambitions from the financial year 2022/23.

What we did

  • Website Design & Development
  • Reports & publications
  • Data visualisation
Mockup of Oxford HR Annual report

OXygen worked with the Oxford HR comms team to write all the content and design the report, so it was eye-catching, easily digestible, informative and engaging.

Having recently undergone a brand refresh, OXygen needed to ensure the new brand look and feel and tone of voice were represented in the annual report, as well as ensuring all the statistics were well-represented and captured the essence of this highly ambitious and fast-growing organisation.

Read the report

What I like about working with OXygen on our annual reports is they challenge us. If there is something missing or a piece of information that doesn’t sound quite right, they will question why it is there and work with us to improve it. It’s a partnership that I really feel we get a lot out of.

Claudia CordovaHead of Operations - Oxford HR