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Creatives for Climate is a nonprofit, global intelligence network of thousands of storytellers and sustainability experts practising radical collaboration to re-skill and take action for the planet. We’re delighted to have signed their commitment; five principles that, by being embedded in our work, can help us protect our planet.

  1. Active participation – we commit to being active in shaping the change we seek, and bringing new ideas, solutions and energy to support all climate action efforts
  2. Collaborative mindset – we commit to practicing radical collaboration to dins solutions to challenges that no one person – agency, company, or brand – can solve alone
  3. Inclusivity and humility – we welcome people of all backgrounds, perspectives and areas of expertise and commit to supporting each other as we confront difficult questions or blind spots
  4. Solutions through storytelling – we pledge to use our creativity to paint a picture of what we are fighting for, not just what we are fighting against, and to help everyone find their role in creating a regenerative and just future
  5. Divest from destruction – we recognise that ‘creativity for good’ can only exist alongside a commitment to divest from working with big polluters, including fossil fuel clients