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Introducing our Associate Copywriter, Melissa Russon, with a few questions to get to know her and hear about her background and passions.

What’s your experience prior to joining OXygen?

I’ve been learning the ropes of running a freelance business as a copywriter since early 2021. Before that, I worked with families at risk of homelessness, including many migrant families who couldn’t work or claim benefits in the UK. Not having a home leaves people incredibly vulnerable – I want to see a world where everyone has a place to belong.

What can you bring to clients as a copywriter?

It’s always hard to write about yourself or an organisation you’re deeply involved in, without either underselling yourself or feeling that you’re coming across as salesy. My role is to come on board with an outside perspective and find words which both sit well with you, and show your best side to the world.

Why is great copy so important for the for-purpose sector?

There’s a disconnect between the great work so many organisations are doing, and their ability to communicate that to key audiences, such as clients, staff and funders. Great copy bridges that gap – making sure that your audience understand the heart of what you’re doing, so that they will come on board and get involved.

Who is your dream client?

Sometimes the need for change in our world can seem overwhelming. I love working with organisations that are ready to get their hands dirty – organisations that dig deep to understand the causes and dynamics of the problem they’re addressing, and translate those into practical, down-to-earth steps they can action right away.

What are you excited about achieving with OXygen?

There’s nothing like working on messaging to get insight into what really makes an organisation tick. I’m excited to get to know OXygen’s clients and play a part in helping them build a better world!

Melissa works to make sure people have all the right information at their fingertips to take a meaningful step – whether that’s supporting a cause, buying a product or making a new connection. As a linguist who has lived and worked across cultures, she’s skilled at adapting her words to speak to people in different walks of life. She’s written copy for websites, sales funnels, fundraising campaigns and promotional videos, and has an interest in helping brands define their voice.Melissa’s background is in the homeless sector and she wants to see a world where there is a place for everyone to belong. She’s a trustee for a charity that helps people rise out of poverty through dressmaking.