Project in brief

The Accredited Certifiers Association (ACA) strives to ensure consistent implementation of USDA Organic Regulations through collaboration and education of accredited certification agencies. OXygen worked with ACA through the second half of 2023 to create a miniature brand guidelines, design and build their new website and migrate their database. Informed by the brand guidelines, the website aimed to improve the user journey and enhance the experience for new and existing members, with a modernised look and feel.

What we did

  • Brand Guidelines
  • Website Design & Development
  • UI/UX
ACA brand guidelines mockup

Initially, we helped to refine and develop ACA’s visual identity into a cohesive brand guide that would help set a base for the website project. We tweaked their logo to improve visual consistency and simplified their typography and colour palette.

Accredited Certifiers Association has worked with OXygen to create a new website with a member portal and discussion groups. We selected OXygen because of their ability to understand the project and their commitment to timely delivery. At each step of the process, the team took time to understand our needs (even when we sometimes did not) and create solutions that would work for us and also looked beautiful.

Gayle MitchellDirector of Education and Events - ACA
ACA homepage mockup

Enhancing membership experience

ACA wanted a more modern and vibrant website, to better serve and reflect the community they represent. Working with the ACA team, we designed wireframes that placed the mission and purpose of ACA at the core of the new website, along with clear signposting that helped improve the experience for existing and potential members. We streamlined the sign-up process, created a directory of organisations and a dedicated member portal which would facilitate community conversations, peer learning and resource sharing. To encourage membership, we set up a greater division of content, between that which was freely available and that which was within this member portal.

We optimised the website to reduce its carbon footprint, speed up loading times and provide an improved user experience. The result is a website that produces just 0.07g CO2 per page load.

View the ACA website
Mockup of ACA website
Homepage Lighthouse Performance Score
CO₂ per page load
cleaner than this number of websites globally

It was a delight to work with the OXygen team. We had regular, recurring meetings where I could pose new questions or offer up new ideas. The team also brought their valuable experience to the table. Since I knew nothing about creating a website, this was critical to the project's success. Ensuring our employees and members had a good experience, using both the front and back end of the site, was key. They worked through the challenges we had as our plans and ideas for the site developed.

It has been our pleasure to work with OXygen and we look forward to continuing the relationship. I cannot say enough positive things about their work for us.

Gayle MitchellDirector of Education and Events - ACA