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Our purpose

We are committed to creating a sustainable, inclusive and equitable future for all.

We’re in this because we want to see change progress action

We’re motivated to see your mission become reality – which is why we always keep the big picture in mind, ensuring that all the work we produce drives impact.

To achieve this, our work is guided by 3 principles:


Our commitment to people and planet

Clean Creatives pledge

We’ve committed to refuse any contracts with fossil fuel companies, trade associations, or front groups.

Design Declares

We’re part of a community of designers and creators that has declared a climate and ecological emergency.

Projects with purpose

We work with organisations committed to making the world a better place. We map our outcomes to the UN’s Sustainable development goals as a framework for our impact:

  • SDG2 Zero Hunger – 6.6%
  • SDG3 Good Health and Wellbeing – 20%
  • SDG4 Quality Education – 20%
  • SDG5 Gender Equality – 6.6%
  • SDG8 Decent Work and Economic Growth – 13.3%
  • SDG9 Industry, Infrastructure, Innovation – 6.6%
  • SSG10 Reduced Inequalities – 6.6%
  • SSG11 Sustainable Cities and Communities – 6.6%
  • SDG13 Climate Action – 13.3%

Partnering with Coralku

OXygen are pleased to partner with Coralku, adopting a coral on behalf of each of our clients. Coralku is a research driven coral conservation non-profit, working in Malaysia to restore ecosystem health and undertake vital marine research. To date, they have over 60 coral nurseries and have planted over 6000 corals.

We understand the importance of ecosystem restoration in taking climate action and are proud to be taking, small positive steps. OXygen corals are nurtured in Lang Tengah by Coralku’s team of marine scientists, who actively restore reefs and work to address regional knowledge gaps in coral reef science.

Find out more about Coralku here.

Designing low-carbon websites

The internet produces as much CO2 as global air travel. We build sustainability into the heart of our design processes to help reduce our clients digital footprint. We use advanced tools to measure and optimise results.

Building accessible solutions

We work to industry level accessibility standards to ensure products are useable by all. We test visual identities for contrast, colour blind safety, while offering alternative text and text descriptors to be read by screen readers.

Using inclusive language

We embed equity, diversity and inclusion principles into language and messaging, to ensure content is free of gender bias, avoids cultural reference and cuts the jargon to improve readability.

B Corp certification

As part of the Oxford HR group, we are currently in the process of applying for our B Corp certification.

Guide to Inclusive Communications

We’ve written a Guide to Inclusive Communications, an open source resource to help organisations produce more inclusive comms resources.

Guide to Sustainable Communications

We’ve written a Guide to Sustainable Communications, with practical tips on how to improve the sustainability of your internal and external communications.